Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Voucher Deals Explained

Voucher Deals

What are voucher deals?

Every time you shop with Tesco both in store and online you get “clubcard” points, for every pound you spend you get 1 point.

Every quarter your points get sent to you in the form of vouchers which can be used to purchase goods in tesco

They can also be used to purchase “Deals” this is where a number of partner companies have agreed to exchange your tesco voucher for vouchers from their company.

What are the benefits?

Well, with deals you get 4 x the value of your original Tesco vouchers so if you have a £10 clubcard voucher you can exchange it with a partner company for £40 in vouchers.

It’s some kind of scam right? I probably have to buy other things from the partner companies?

No, it’s as good as it sounds, you just complete a form and then get your deal vouchers, there will be something for everyone from Airmiles, Fun Parks, Magazines, Gifts

I’m a single parent, what’s the best thing for me to do?

If your on a limited budget there are a number of things you can do to maximise your shopping and extract value.

By using online shopping you can use vouchers that give extra clubcard points added to the convenience of them bringing it to your door.

In your situation I’d use tesco.com to buy bulky items such as washing powder, nappies, tinned food, pet food, drinks and use one of the vouchers to get extra points.

You can save your vouchers and perhaps treat you and the kids to a summer break by exchanging your points for Virgin Holiday/Cosmos or Butlins vouchers.

If you use a 1000 point code every time you shop spending say £75 every two weeks you will get:

£75 = 75 points every two weeks
1000 extra points every two weeks

= 27950 points

Or £279.50 in Tesco vouchers

These can be exchanged for Deal vouchers worth £1118.00

You could even purchase gifts from buyagift.co.uk or a watch from Goldsmiths (both deal partners) and try and sell them (maybe on Ebay) if you would just prefer cash instead).

Introduction to Tesco Codes

Welcome to tescocodes, there are other sites around offering this info but I believe this site is the most up to date and one of the easiest to navigate.

There will be codes for money off groceries, extra clubcard points, free delivery as well as a number of other voucher codes for other products such as Tesco Electrical or Tesco Entertainment.

If you come across a code you think I don’t have or any mistakes please email me and let me know: